The CERAMICS menu link at the top allows me to group my work by object and construction processes.  
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CLASSES & EVENTS – In addition to Facebook postings at MILLERARTS.COM, the EVENTS link above will have local showings and classes I offer as soon as they are scheduled.  While I only do a few classes a year, my class sizes are small (8-10 people) and fill up fast.  If you have an interest, contact me and I will add you to my email list for future classes.

My ceramic work is an obsessive, multi-step process before each piece is completed.  I create containers, small sculpture and tiles.  The glazes I use for my functional work are all food-safe and can be used in a microwave and dishwasher. My studio contains a wheel, slab roller, hand-building table, wedging table, rolling carts and display shelving for my work.  Just outside of this room is my teaching and glaze area with a Skutt kiln.